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  exchange: string;
currency: string;


  position: Position | None;

Check Position


To get position size, and to print available and total size.

Note get_position will return the SAME response each time the callback is triggered. Recalling CA.get_position will not get the updated result. The result will be upated the next time the callback is triggered. We are improving this experience - you can leverge on_order_state_change to trigger side effect

exchange, pair, base, quote = CA.get_exchange_pair()
long_position = CA.get_position(exchange, pair, CA.PositionSide.LONG)
available_long_position_size = 0
if long_position:
available_long_position_size = long_position.available_size
total_long_position_size = long_position.total_size
CA.log('available long position size: ' + str(available_long_position_size))
CA.log('total long position size: ' + str(total_long_position_size))

short_position = CA.get_position(exchange, pair, CA.PositionSide.SHORT)
available_short_position_size = 0
if short_position:
available_short_position_size = short_position.available_size
total_short_position_size = short_position.total_size
CA.log('available short position size: ' + str(available_short_position_size))
CA.log('total short position size: ' + str(total_short_position_size))