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  exchange: string;
currency: string;


  position: Position | None;

Check Position


To get position size, and to print available and total size. Before the limit price order is successfully traded, only available size would decrease. After the limit price order is traded, total size would decrease.

Note get_position will return the SAME response each time the callback is triggered. Recalling CA.get_position will not get the updated result. The result will be upated the next time the callback is triggered. We are improving this experience - you can leverge on_order_state_change to trigger side effect

exchange, pair, base, quote = CA.get_exchange_pair()
long_position = CA.get_position(exchange, pair, CA.PositionSide.LONG)
available_long_position_size = 0
if long_position:
available_long_position_size = long_position.available_size
total_long_position_size = long_position.total_size
CA.log('available long position size: ' + str(available_long_position_size))
CA.log('total long position size: ' + str(total_long_position_size))

short_position = CA.get_position(exchange, pair, CA.PositionSide.SHORT)
available_short_position_size = 0
if short_position:
available_short_position_size = short_position.available_size
total_short_position_size = short_position.total_size
CA.log('available short position size: ' + str(available_short_position_size))
CA.log('total short position size: ' + str(total_short_position_size))